Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas Cards

Hymns in My Heart is having a sale on Christmas cards. Half-price! Only 75 cents per card through the month of December. Go check 'em out!

"Ah, dearest Jesus" is TLH 85, LSB 358, ELH 123.
(with Luke 2:30-31)

"Lift up the voice" is TLH 343, LSB 395, ELH 167.
(with Psalm 47:6)

"Silent night"
(with Psalm 66:2, 5)

"Rejoice, rejoice" is TLH 79, LSB 391, ELH 142.
(with Psalm 68:3)

"The happy Christmas comes again" is ELH 143.
(with Revelation 19:1)

"Thy little ones, dear Lord, are we" is ELH 144.
(with Luke 1:14)

Each card also has another short inscription on the inside.

And each card comes with a bookmark with the hymn stanza in calligraphy.


  1. These are our favorite cards to use! I hope a lot of folks buy them. Tom duBois also has Christmas cards at triuneart dot org. He's the best Lutheran artist around!

  2. The art on duBois's cards is awesome! I tend to be partial to the hymn stanzas on Madson's cards. Both are very nice places to patronize.