Friday, September 04, 2009

Seeing Jesus in the David Stories

Right now we are reading David stories from 1 Samuel. Pastor has been pointing out how David is set up look like Christ ... but not quite.

In the story when Saul gets so ticked that he throws a spear at David, he misses. But later, a spear would pierce Jesus' side.

Jonathan sounded out his dad about whether Saul really hated David enough to kill him. When he went out to the field to deliver the coded message to David, David was hiding behind a rock. Our safety is found when we hide behind the Rock of our salvation.

David took five loaves of the showbread from the tabernacle to give to his men. Jesus, the Bread of Life, took five loaves of bread to feed the 5000.

When David was on the run, those who were discontented, who were in debt, who were in distress, came to him. Centuries later, the outcasts came to Jesus.

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