Thursday, September 03, 2009

Around here

Last week Maggie had the blood test done to verify whether she has VCFS. Results came back today. Now we can mail the application to participate in research out in California.

A kid may be able to stay up late talking to friends via the computer and still be able to arise in the morning to make it to chapel on time. But he may need to nap during the afternoon when chores and school lessons are supposed to be done. Bedtime must be set earlier.

Pulled out the old bean plants that are no longer producing; the second planting is slowing down; the third planting is flowering. The cucumbers are failing. The tomatoes are still doing nicely. I harvested some very nice romaine lettuce today for our BLTs. Turnips are almost ready; they will only make one supper's worth.

We had our first Greek class today, tutoring Leah. I think she and Maggie will probably do well working on the language together.

The newsletter from our old church came today. The man who's been preaching most frequently has agreed to take on a little midweek responsibility too. They are joining a dartball league, have organized a Car, Tractor, & Cycle Day, and are gearing up for the annual turkey dinner. A neighboring pastor is going to help them implement another stewardship program. The Sacrament is celebrated twice a month there now instead of weekly.

Andrew and I wiped the virus-laden downstairs computer and reloaded programs. It's time to install the program for German study, but day after day, I don't get around to it. I keep putting off the job until I read the instructions. Maybe we should just wade in and give it a go, trial-and-error.

A friend at church is getting ready to defend her dissertation and asked me to proofread her work on Job. I think it will require a week's vacation from my involvement in the kids' schoolwork, but it will be a treat to read what Nancy has written.

I hate shopping so much, and I have been trying to be so diligent about the kids' schoolwork (in other words, not running off to the store), that the grocery list keeps getting longer and longer, and that makes the icky job of restocking that much more intimidating.

Saturdays are going to have to be jealousy guarded. It's the one day to sleep in and kick back and relax (or catch up on chores!) and it's going to take work to make sure we don't fill up our Saturdays with cool things to do that leave us unrested to face the coming week.

I miss my computer time, but I'm enjoying the things I'm reading with the kids.

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  1. I'm with the kid in the second paragraph. (I wonder if my mother is reading this and agreeing with you.)