Saturday, September 05, 2009

1 Samuel 22:23

King Saul wanted to eliminate David, the one anointed by the Lord to be the next king. David was in hiding. He even tried hiding with the enemies, where Goliath was from. He found a safe place outside the country for his parents to live. David is living in forests and caves. Saul slaughters many priests and laymen because one of the priests assisted David (unaware that there was any trouble betwixt Saul and David). One priest escapes and comes to David. And David says to him,

Stay with me. Do not fear. For he who seeks my life seeks your life, but with me you shall be safe.

It sounds like David is promising Abiathar the priest a safe place to live. Like as if David will defend him and protect him. But what position is David in to protect anybody? It seems he can't even protect himself! The man who is #1 on the king's hit-list, the man who has been driven from his home, the man who is in hiding in his own land and feigning madness in neighboring lands -- this is the man who promises to protect Abiathar?? If I were Abiathar, David wouldn't look like a good bet.

But there is one thing about David: he has the Lord's promise. David may not be able to protect himself or his followers. But the Lord has promised that he will be king. So against all evidence to the contrary, to be in David's band is to be in the place of safety.

David believed that. That's why he could promise the priest, "With me you shall be safe," even though it sure as heck didn't look safe.

Would that I believed God's promises to me with the same certainty that David believed God's promises to him, even when it appears God is botching things up.

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