Friday, August 21, 2009


Someone asked about the reason for my trip to Texas. Nathan is no longer a sem student. The family moved to Texas (near his parents). Nathan drove the truck; I rode with Katie so we could double-team Alia.

When I got home tonight from dropping off Paul's belongings at his college, I was happy to find a note from Nathan that he got a job. He's going to be working at the local theater for now, while he looks for something better paying.

Paul checked to see that the financial aid office got everything straightened out with his work-study. Whew!

Because of the heat in Nathan's moving van and fear of moving food in that temperature, we became the proud owners of most of the contents of Katie's pantry. Most of the canned soups went over to poxy Philip the other day. He can't very well go to the grocery store. And even though he feels fine, he mentioned that rice might be a bit hard to swallow, and soup might be good. (He feels fine, right? He said so.) The soup was great to have on hand for him!

I started reading Todd Peperkorn's book today.

I guess it's time to start thinking about plans for the new school year.

How is corn supposed to grow when it's only 60°? It's AUGUST, gosh darn it.

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