Tuesday, August 18, 2009

These Boys ...

Paul paid his tuition bill. About a week later, the college contacted him about having written a check on a non-existent account. Excuse me??? Kinda scary to have the college say, "We didn't get the payment," when your bank account has already been dinged. You wonder where that money went. After some panic on our part, Paul discovered that the college tried running the check again, and it cleared just fine.

Paul's boss at school contacted him about whether he wants his research-assistant job back. Paul did. The professor began to make arrangements and found that Paul wasn't on the list of students who were approved for Work-Study. His financial aid package offered him work-study. He accepted the offer. But somehow he's not on the list of approved employees. We're hoping that they find it was a clerical error as to his name being on the list, and not a clerical error made in the financial aid department when he was offered a work-study job.

Philip look awful on Sunday morning. One of the moms at church asked him if he was hung over -- LOL. With my ham and au gratins, I enticed him over to our house for the afternoon. He slept quite a bit. Yesterday he felt itchy. Today one of his co-workers pointed out that Philip had pox on his face. He was sent to the doctor. Sure enough, he has chicken pox. He said they had a booger of a time diagnosing it since he has no fever, no aches, no sneeze. Just the pox. He's off work for the rest of this week and probably all of next week.

Mom often says there's never a dull moment with us. It might be nice to try some dullness.

I guess we have people due to become contagious about August 30. I wonder what happens to Paul's classes if he is stuck in his dorm room for two weeks? I wonder if his roommate has had chicken pox? If we're going to do this, the sooner the better; I don't want to miss APT.


  1. Maybe my magic chicken-pox repellent will work for me yet again!

  2. At least you saw him only at church, and didn't spend the whole afternoon with him. And hey, he wasn't sneezing, so that should make a difference in how many germies he spread, right? Right? Right??

  3. I had chicken pox as a baby, but when I had routine blood work done at the beginning of my pregnancy, the doctor discovered that I did not have the antibodies for chicken pox. Isn't that weird? (I didn't even know they were testing me for that.) She didn't believe me when I said that I had gotten them as a baby. There are pictures to prove it! Well anyway, after I had Audrey, I got the chicken pox vaccine so that I don't get them now, as an adult! Hopefully it works!

  4. When moms get chicken pox, they tend to get 'em bad. Mom is taking care of the infected kids, so Mom gets exposed and re-exposed and re-exposed. A friend from high school ended up with chicken pox after caring for her three kids who had them, and she had one wicked case of it.

    When my brother and I had chicken pox, we figured my 2-yr-old sister couldn't avoid it. But what was sad was how badly she got them. We didn't know that she could keep re-exposing herself as she played with us while we were home sick from school.

    For all the times my kids were exposed to chicken pox, I was beginning to think they had some natural immunity even though they didn't have the antibodies. Well, so much for that theory!

  5. Ugh, I never got the chicken pox either! After all of my friends, all the kids in my class and my carpool, and my brother getting them, I never got sick. In high school, I got the vaccine, just to not get them "bad" like they say adults do. I hope Philip is feeling better soon!!

  6. Can we come visit you so my boys can get pox? I'm serious-I really want them to get chicken pox naturally! Too bad we live across two states!