Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Free Beer

Katie and Nathan moved to Texas last week. (No, he's not on vicarage. He decided to leave sem. They are now living near his parents, looking for jobs.) Because their car doesn't have air-conditioning, and because a moving truck big enough to tow their car would be pretty expensive, they decided to have Nathan drive the truck and Katie drive the car with me riding along to help keep an eye on the baby.

So it's a very hot day. So hot that when we get out of the car, the 100° day feels refreshingly cool compared to the air inside the car. It's getting to be early afternoon; Alia has been awake for a while and is beginning to droop like she's ready for a nap; Katie and I are going to take any spot to stop and stretch our legs and grab a beverage prior to nap-time.

We go into the gas station, looking for drinks. Lots of drinks. The cheapest pop was priced at $1.69 for 16 ounces. Bottled water was similarly priced. Perusing the refrigerator shelves, I noticed with amusement that beer was cheaper. I pointed out to Katie that we could buy a 24-ounce Bud for only $1.19. Or hey, there was a 32-ounce Miller for $1.19. The man talking to the store owner began to chat. "Where are you from? So what does a beer cost where you live?" I wouldn't know; I don't buy beer at the gas station. Or pop either, for that matter. He asked what beer I drink. The man from Memphis was not familiar with Leinenkugel. (Go figure. LOL.) He offered me a Bud. Did I want a bottle or a can? Uh.... a bottle? But no, he decided I needed one of each. Okay. Thanks!

So Katie and I continue to peruse the shelves for a non-alcoholic beverage or two for the driver. The nice man from Memphis decides that somebody from Milwaukee who likes micro-brews might be interested in their new line, Bud Lime. So he asked me if I'd heard of it. I seldom listen to the radio or watch TV; when I read the paper or a magazine, I mentally block out the ads. Nope, I'd never heard of Bud Lime.

The man decided to remedy my ignorance. He told me he'd buy me a package of Bud Light Lime. Did I want a 6-pack or 12-pack? Given the heat of the car and what Erin told me about not letting beer warm up after chilling it, I told him a 6-pack would be plenty. So he bought me a 6-pack.

Okay, this is weird. I go into a gas station in Arkansas and walk out with eight free beers! Didn't want to drive around with open liquor in the car, even if the driver wasn't imbibing. So we sat outside at the gas station while I had two beers for lunch. With the heat, that went down a lot easier than a hamburger would've.

And you know what? That Bud distributor was right. That Bud Lime is pretty good! I think it's as good as a Corona with a real wedge of lime in it. So if his plan was to hook me on the product, I think his free sample may just have done its job!

I had a beer with my tacos for supper. I had another beer for lunch at the kids' apartment a couple of days later. But I left them with more beer than they're inclined to drink. How do you cook with beer? Bratwurst is not a common item in Texas grocery stores. I guess that leaves them with beer bread. Or maybe poaching chicken breasts in it.

By the way, after the very nice man sent me on my way with free beer, at the next stop some old guy tried to pick me up and take me biking with him and his buddies. My first inclination was that he was way too old to be picking up somebody who was my age. And then the shocker -- he was probably only 5-15 years older than me. He wasn't being a perverted old guy trying to pick up a young girl. Eeeek, I'm old!


  1. Wow Susan. That is all I can think - Wow. Does Gary know? He should think twice before letting you out of the house.

  2. Great story! :o)

    Cooking with beer --- I recently used a Rachael Ray chili recipe that called for beer. It made the chili sweet and tangy, different but yummy.

    I've also cooked hamburger with it (brown 1 lb of hamburger, then dump in a bottle and let it simmer until the liquid is absorbed/evaporated) for casseroles. My favorite was to mix it in with a batch of home-made mac and cheese. Mmmmm.

  3. Funny story Susan! :)
    I tried that lime beer yesterday and I is very nice!

    The only way I'd ever cook with beer is pouring it into my mouth while cooking! Dh puts it into chili.

  4. Ooooh, Bean, I do like the sound of giving the hamburger flavor by simmering it in beer! What a great idea!