Thursday, July 30, 2009

Parenting Lessons from the Garden

The tender, new, little plants are more likely to be nibbled by the bugs than are the bigger, stronger plants. Maybe sugar and caffeine and TV won't do as much damage to a 15-yr-old as they will to a 3-yr-old.

Plants will live when there's not quite enough water, but they need abundant water to grow lush. Baptism and the Word?

Daily attention to pulling weeds, five minutes here, ten minutes there, every day, when you're not making a "job" of weeding, prevents problems. Going away for a week or two of vacation results in a huge mess that takes a while to fix. That's when you notice how significant the daily work has been.

New little strawberry plants should not be making fruit but should grow strong for their own health during the first year.

Plants take more space and more attention from the gardener when they're big than the gardener expected when they were just little sprouts.

The amount of fertilizer that helps a mature plant will probably be enough to burn a baby plant.

Without pruning, a vine or tree doesn't make proper fruit.

A gardener may do everything right and still end up with a poor crop. A gardener may do loads of stuff wrong and still reap a great harvest. The work is ours to do, but the results are in the Lord's hands.

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