Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ebay Sales

We have books that need to be sold. I started listing Paul's textbooks from last semester on It's so hard to know how to price them. On the one hand, I want them out of the house! I want to be paid something for them. But I don't want to price them so high that they'll be sitting around here while ebay-shoppers buy somebody else's textbook instead of mine. So we've been going with the theory that we'll price it lower than most of the others, maybe what we'd get from a book buy-back at the college bookstore.

You know you've probably picked a too-low price when the textbooks are snapped up in a matter of hours ... by buyers who appear to be dealers. Shoot, I wanted the books to go to other frugal college students, not to dealers who'll jack up the price for a profit. Oh well, at least we whittled down the pile of books on our shelf. And we sold enough to pay for the bulk of fall semester's textbooks. Yippee!

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