Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy Site-Meter

Since a couple of cyber-stalkers seem to have lost interest in my blog, I haven't been keeping a very close eye on my site-meter to know how many people visit my blog or where they come from. It's usually fairly consistent. But now and then, there's an odd spike in the site-meter, and I wonder who must've linked to me and what the visitors were coming to read that day. I know sometimes I do that to other people, where they are puzzled by a sharp upturn in their hits, and it's because I happened to link to one of their posts.

Yesterday I happened to notice as the same thing was happening on my blog. Wow, my site-meter was spinnin' like crazy! Pr Weedon was amused by yesterday's joke of the day, linked to it on his blog, and I got as many hits just from his blog as I usually get in a day and a half. That was fun to watch, especially thinking of other people chuckling over that joke that I enjoyed so much!

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