Saturday, May 02, 2009

Unwobbly Table

Nanna and Gramp had a table that was passed on to Aunt Mary's family, and then on to my parents, and then on to me and Gary. I remember as a kid being told not to bump the table: don't want to spill the milk, or jolt the table while Mom was writing checks to pay bills. Mom said she got crabbed at for the same thing when she was young too.

We're not using that table any more for eating; when our chairs died, the style of the new chairs wouldn't fit under the old table. But we do have the table that was the coffee table in Nanna & Gramp's family room. We kids would sit on the floor and play at the table while the adults talked. There were magazines on the table. The ashtray for Gramp's cigars was there. I remember gathering around that table while Gramp read the Bible to us. So the table has some good memories. We put longer legs on it when we moved, and we've been using that table in our kitchen for most of our meals and much of our schoolwork. But boy, oh boy, it is WAY wobblier than the rectangular table we used for so many years.

Today Gary took some of the scrap wood left over from deck-spiffing last summer and made a sturdier stand for the table. We put a full glass of milk on the table and purposely bumped the table ... and the milk stayed in the glass! This is awesome!

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