Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Bridesmaid

For those who asked to see how the dress turned out --

Guess who caught the bride's bouquet?

Some of the official photographer's pictures can be seen here. (At least, I think they can be seen by people who aren't Facebook-friends with my sister.)


  1. Thanks for sharing a link to the pics. I like pictures! Wonderful cake. Simple and classy. Looks like a fun time was had by all - Chicken Dance, severed doll head... :)

  2. Nice pictures! Maggie looked lovely. :-) Thanks to Rachel's facebook I could see them... I guess I should sign up one of these days. I said not until May... We're almost there... And what was the Farrah Fawcett head about? Too funny~

  3. About Farrah --
    According to my mom, a Farrah Fawcett head was the one Christmas present my sister longed for more than any other. That was the one time my mother went out and did some Christmas shopping in October, to ensure that she had that toy for hair-braiding, curling, brushing, etc. It was a favorite toy for many years. Gary remembers having to play with Farrah hair when he came to visit our house.

    Eventually Karen outgrew Farrah and she ended up stored away somewhere. A couple of years ago, when Mom was on a cleaning purge, Farrah ended up at the church garage sale. When Karen stopped by to drop off her donations, she saw HER Farrah at the sale. Eeeks. Mom retrieved Farrah in short order, and presented Farrah to Karen for her next birthday. Robert thought it was gross and creepy.

    Thereupon, Farrah started showing up in unusual places. Like Robert's mailbox. Like Robert's refrigerator. Karen said that, if there were to be a bachelor party, Farrah needed to go along. She did. When her head was mounted on a dart-board at the neighborhood bar, she had a bit of an accident and suffered a "neck wound," coming detached from the "shoulders" which constituted the stand for the doll head.

    I couldn't understand why Robert was creeped out by Farrah ... until I saw the picture of Dan holding her up during his toast. Gosh, she does look like something out of Gilligan's Island that the head-hunters got a hold of.

  4. I love all the pics!! It looks like a lovely weekend. :)

  5. Beautiful pictures. They look so, so happy. What a wonderful love story! And it looks like it was a happening party!

  6. Well, I'm glad I asked about the Farrah head. That was worth the story. :-)