Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rehearsal & Dinner

(Sorry, folks, these aren't the best. But if I were Karen, I'd wanna see 'em anyway!)

Bride and groom at the rehearsal dinner at the Ribeye.

Pictures taken at church during rehearsal.

Matt and Joshua:

Bride's nieces and nephews:

That child really wants the straw!
Eric with the kids,
and Nathan & Alia:

Wrights, Milases, and groomsmen:
Brunners and Langhoffs:
Jacob, David, Mom, Dad, Karen, Robert:

Scot, Dan, Robert, Pastor, David:
Maggie, Karen, Jenna, Eric:

And now, off to make some bread and hang some towels on the line before I try to find some time to post pictures of the party that Karen and Robert missed (breakfast at the hotel on Saturday morning).


  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Susan. I do think I missed something by not staying at the motel, but Dad and I both survived just fine by staying at home and in our regular surrounding.

  2. What a handsome and happy couple! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mom, we missed the Friday afternoon swim party at the hotel. But hey, I got to go to the florist with Karen!

    Thank you for the hotel! I wish we could've accomplished more at the Terminal on Saturday morning.