Sunday, May 03, 2009

Who Did More Work?

Let's say I make a list for myself of today's jobs:
brush teeth
drink a pint of water
take my vitamins
eat breakfast
clear table from breakfast
get dressed
do a 10-minute grammar lesson with kid
grade an algebra worksheet
cut bread for sandwiches
make sandwiches
clear table from lunch
wash dishes
brush teeth

Let's say my neighbor's to-do list for today consists of painting the living room. She does it.

Who did more? I crossed 13 things off my list. She only crossed 1 off her list. If we were working in the private sector, should I be paid more because I finished more tasks than the other gal did? Seems pretty obvious that the answer should be NO. But sometimes it doesn't work that way in real life. Sometimes racking up the numbers takes priority over a genuine assessment of the work that was accomplished. But why should that surprise me? It's the way things work in public schools and the way things work in government. Why would it not eventually spill over to private business and even the church?

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