Sunday, May 03, 2009

Jean Styles

Given that I wear only jeans, I shouldn't expect them to last forever. I owned three pair of pants, and in the space of two weeks, two of those pairs became worn/torn enough to be unwearable in public. I mean, like, they were only about 4 or 5 years old, which means each pair had been worn about 450-500 days. How dare they wear out already?!!

Hating shopping with a passion, I got online and discovered that my favorite jeans are no longer manufactured. Boy, I couldn't find anything without Spandex. Okay, okay, I'll order two with a little bit of stretchiness to them. But I made sure to buy the high-waisted ones. When they arrived and I tried them on, I discovered that the "high-waisted" jeans don't even come up to my belly button. I can't even imagine what I might've found if I'd chosen the hip-huggers or the low-rise jeans.

After a couple of weeks of wearing these, I'm beginning to tolerate the style. But they are not flattering. I am not a chubby person by any means, but this style makes me look like I have love-handles bulging at my waist. And Gary said the jeans make me look pregnant. (He's right.) If these jeans make scrawny ME look fat, why does a normal woman buy these? How does this company stay in business?

Eventually I discovered that Lands End has some high-waisted jeans that look like they might actually come all the way up to a person's waist, and they're all-cotton and no spandex. I might have to find space in my dresser drawers for a fourth pair of jeans.


  1. I've heard good things about these jeans, and they're actually made in the USA :)

  2. I can't stand the feeling of pants coming up to my natural waist! In high school and college (pre-baby belly), I wore my jeans a good 3-4 inches BELOW my belly button. I can't pull that off anymore, so I've brought them up a couple inches, but that's my limit.

  3. The jeans that come up to my waist make me look fat. They also squeeze my ribs every time I sit down. I LOVE the styles that are 2-3 inches below the belly button...

    ...but it does drive me bonkers that they no longer make the only jeans that fit me in non-stretch. I don't want my jeans to be that loose after one washing!

  4. I like the Lees I've found that hit right AT my belly button. Then you get a nice corset effect, instead of the over-the-top-flop or the round ball of tummy under the waistband.

    It's near-impossible to find jeans without stretch anymore. I HATE that.

  5. Next time you are in the market for jeans don't forget to check out your local feed store. We buy our jeans at Tractor Supply because it's the only place I can find ones that aren't low rise. They are generally 100% cotton, inexpensive, and hold up pretty well (they last us about 1-2 years depending on how much we wear them).

  6. the last jeans I bought out of desperation, at a thrift store, did have stretch (yuck),but they were long enough for me, and my others were going fast.There was a time when I wore ratty jeans, but I'd prefere $4 jeans to $50 jeans anyday! Frugal won out.