Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some More Wedding Pictures

The head table --

Nathan, Andrew, Paul, and Philip --

Philip, Matt, Rachel, Katie & Alia
(and cousins at the next table over) --

an especially good shot of Philip--

Robert's parents --

This waitress couldn't wait to get her hands on Alia, just to help, y'know, so that we'd have free hands to eat. Nasty job, holding a baby, but it was all in the line of duty, sacrificing herself to serve the guests... (It was so cute!)

Maybe Karen can help me out with this one. All I remember is that they're Robert's extended family (I think) --

There was a discussion of cameras at our table. I wonder what's going on at the next table. Looks like it turned out to be a good plan to put Matt, Eric, and Tim with the rocket-club guys.

There should be some great thing we could put in a word-bubble over Mary's head, but it's not coming to mind at the moment --

Zack needed to see the baby. And Alia liked him too.

The part of the wedding that choked me up most was probably when I looked at Robert as Karen was coming down the aisle. His face was full of joy, watching his bride approach. But that wasn't what did me in. We were on the third stanza of "He's Risen, He's Risen" and this guy was singing it from memory. I don't know about you, but in my mind, a man who can sing "The conquering Lord lifts His banner on high. He lives, yes, He lives, and will nevermore die" while he gazes upon his approaching bride is going to be a man who is likely to treat her as Christ cherished His church. And that is a very happy thought.


  1. Robert Brunner5/26/2009 12:19 PM

    I only know verse 3 pretty well because the choir sang that verse alone one Sunday. I don't know any of the others. I did have a copy of the hymns in my pocket, but I forgot to copy the second page, so I could only sing the first 3 lines of the other verses.

  2. Love the pictures! I might have to steal a few for Facebook.

    Somebody talked to that waitress and learned she & her husband do foster parenting. I noticed she was holding lots of babies that day.

    That's Robert's Uncle Dieter, cousin Kay, and Kay's son Keegan from Cincinnati.

    Yes, I got a good one. Worth waiting forty years for.