Friday, May 29, 2009

Big Day

Philip signs the papers and takes possession of his condo today. He found a nice wood dining room table and a credenza at Goodwill this week. (I always wondered what a "credenza" was. And when he brought this thing home, I wasn't sure what it was. Then I saw the word stamped on the back. Ah ha!) He called last night from the store, asking for advice on saucepans and cookware. He'll be taking my spare 3-qt Reverware until he can get to central Illinois and raid my sister's and brother-in-law's pre-wedding stuff.

After taking on his mortgage, he will be spending the rest of the day cleaning cupboards and shampooing carpet and such. I guess tomorrow is the day to haul stuff back and forth in the van.

I bet Paul will be glad to move upstairs to the bedroom, out of the depths of the basement.

I should spend the day in the garden, but I keep wondering if putting seeds in that cold soil is going to rot them. Hey, at least the grass we planted on Monday should be doing well, with the persistent gentle rains and drizzles we've had for three days straight. It's nearly June and we're still running highs in the 50s and low 60s. Global warming, my foot.


  1. When does he plan to raid? We have a couch, chair, bed, vacuum, towels, dishes, silverware, kitchen gadgets, etc. I'm not sure what all he's interested in, but we could pretty much set up a condo with our leftovers. We'll be leaving on vacation on June 19, but will be raidable until then.

  2. Send some of that cold weather over our way!

    Our highs have been way above normal and we've hit 100 a number of times already, it's going to be a long summer for us!

  3. Karen, I would hope he might make it down next weekend. But there's no telling with this guy. He says he's had offers of furniture from FOUR people. What he really needs is the kitchen stuff and the garbage cans and shower curtain and that kind of little stuff that can really add up when you have to gather it all at once.

    What size is the bed? We have a twin that we got for him a while after he graduated from college, thinking he'd need it in his apartment shortly. But with Paul being off at college, that bed is still nearly new.

    Kim, 100?? We've had one or two days that got up to 80. We're still running 50s and 60s most of the time. Today we broke 70 and are back to some sun. I would be quite happy to put your 100 in a blender with my 70 and come out to a nice 85.

  4. We have either a twin or a futon that we could part with. We have all of that "little" stuff. It would just be helpful to know what he wants & what he doesn't. For example.... does he want Mom's old stand-up mixer, a blender, etc.? I guess we can just create a pile in the basement. He can go through stuff and we'll put what's left on a garage sale.