Friday, May 29, 2009

Delivering Latin Books

My daughter's brother-in-law happens to be the part-time Latin teacher at our church's Lutheran school. Today was the last day of school. Teachers are cleaning out desks. One of my kids volunteered to take home Greg's box of Latin books, and get them to my son-in-law to pass on to his brother.

Gary had a better idea. What if we took them to Matt's folks' house? They live closer to us than the grocery store; it's only 8 minutes away. Rachel's in-laws are greeeeat people, but we almost never see them. So we called. We drove over this evening with Greg's books. We spent an incredibly pleasant hour and a half chatting with them. Oh, it just makes me smile!


  1. They are great, aren't they!

  2. I'm just grinning ear to ear.

  3. Just in case you missed my post- he heard on Tuesday that the Marquette job is his. Isn't that just the best news this week?