Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The finches have been flitting around the yard. They are so cheery!! With the grass seed we put out on Monday, crowds of finches are visiting us now. (I hope they left some seed to germinate and grow...) I love how the finches fly all zigzaggy up&down, like as if they're dancing a jig and are too exuberant to fly in a mundane straight line.

I tried to get photos, but the little guys would fly too far away whenever I opened the window. So this picture is from the Ohio DNR website.


  1. Susan, you should watch the Nut Hatches posture! I think they must be the bird artists because they are never right side up or intimidated by other birds. (except for the hawks that occasionally hang around our feeder looking for a free lunch)--Cathy

  2. We've got them up here, too, and they're adorable! Ever since the year West Nile hit IL and we hardly heard any birds at all, I've really come to appreciate them.