Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Who Me? It's Not My Fault!

There's a scene in Passion where Simon is told by the Roman soldiers to carry Jesus' cross. Simon says it's none of his business and he doesn't want to get involved. The soldiers found this to be an unsatisfactory answer and made him do it. So Simon makes a statement to all around him, assuring them that he had done no wrong. He wasn't guilty of anything. He could carry the criminal's cross, but don't anybody get the idea that he had done anything deserving of this punishment.

It's almost comical.

Tonight's sermon was on Philippians 2. He emptied Himself. He poured Himself out, making Himself a slave. He --who really truly was not guilty of anything-- didn't make the kind of statements that Simon the Cyrene made. He took the guilt. We can't bear for anyone to make an unjust accusation of us. But that's exactly what Jesus embraced. Because it was a necessary part of saving us.

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