Sunday, April 05, 2009


It's snowing.
It's Palm Sunday.

There's work that needs to be done outdoors, and it's just not easy to get out there when it's so chilly. Or when you need to shovel away snow first.

We were thinking that we'd go to the homeschool conference this year. It's been an annual event for our family since Rachel was 5, and then the last two years we had unavoidable circumstances that prevented our participation. So this year we figured we'd get back to it. Besides, there's a sale at the conference of used homeschooling materials, and I need to sell some books that are now taking up space in the garage. But right now, knowing that next weekend we won't accomplish outdoor work because of being in church, and then attending Karen and Robert's wedding on the "perfect day," it's hard to think of being away from yardwork and housework for yet another weekend. (When Gary's work didn't keep him chained to a desk, indoors, at certain hours required by a boss, it was easier to shuffle the schedule around to be able to do outdoor work when the weather allowed for it, instead of hoping for the weather to coincide with his weekend off work.)

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  1. Yardwork. Schmardwork. It would be fun to see you at the conference. We are going!