Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Line versus Dryer

I put the clothes in the dryer today. Wasted electricity. Helped destroy the ozone layer. Contributed to global warming.

I would have preferred to hang the clothes on the clothesline. It would be greener for the earth. It would be cheaper on my electric bill. The clothes would smell nicer. But when it's too COLD outside for the clothes to dry before sundown (when the dew falls and they get wet again) it's hard to prevent global WARMING by using solar power.


  1. It is windy enough here to have dried them in an hour or two. We almost were blown away on our short walk down to the village hall to vote. Gus was not a happy boy with all that wind in his face!

  2. I'll bet the President and Al Gore both use their dryer without guilt.

  3. I don't know if it's possible for you but we leave the clothes up overnight and then take them down the next afternoon. Even though the dew makes them damp overnight they are still dryer than they were when we first hung them up. This allows them to be completely dry by the next afternoon.

  4. Kim, does it work when it's only 35 or 40? I know that clothes will dry even when it's cold, and even when it's below freezing. I'm just wondering about how long it would take when it's 40 ... and how badly my hands would hurt with the cold and wetness.

    I do leave things up overnight sometimes when it's warmer, if I do laundry later in the day, or if I forget to bring the clothes in. But 65 or 80 is a lot different from 40. So I've wondered how cold it gets where you are, and how long it takes for things to dry.