Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Goofiness

I tried hanging clothes out on the line yesterday. It wasn't warm enough to dry them, but it shortened the time the dryer had to work. While out there, I noticed

TULIPS! You have to look close. But see? The tulip leaves are beginning to push through the soil. Exultingly, I told the kids I saw tulips while hanging up the laundry. Andrew asked, "Not just one?" No, I said. All along the back of the house, where they were last year.

"No. It wasn't just one lip?"

Good gracious.

So today I've got ham-n-beans simmering away for supper. Andrew comes into the kitchen and peaks into the pot to see what's on the menu.

"Oh, look, it's the Bog Monster trying to crawl up out of the depths."

Well, shove him back down under the surface. Maybe we can drown him.

But after shoving the bones back down into the bean broth, the bone floated back up to the surface.

So Andrew reports, "He won't stay down. He wants to come up where we can see him. He's such a ham."

(Are you rolling your eyes as much as I am???)


  1. Hey! I've got ham bones cooking for ham-and-bean soup, too!

  2. Oh, those are precious puns. Good job.

  3. oh my. He is so do you contain yourself? LOL