Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Around the House

I finally got the computer put back together enough that I can download some pictures from the camera. Since Mom hasn't been to see the new house, here are some photos to give her (and some friends) an idea of what the place is like.

This one is taken from the driveway, looking north at the living room (with decorative huntress cat in the bay window) and two of the bedrooms:

This is the view from the front door, looking west, toward the entrance into the neighborhood:

This one, too, is the view from the front door, but faced south toward the end of our tiny little street:

This is taken from the deck, looking toward my clothesline and the neighbors across the street to the north:

This is the view from the kitchen window, looking east. You can see the neighbor's barn shed and the corner of the nursery that abuts the corner of our yard.

And this one is the view straight out the kitchen window in back, facing northeast. In both these last two shots, you can see deer tracks traipsing across the yard, right over the spot where we've dug up a garden-to-be. All those hoofprints is no good sign for the lettuces and tomatoes that I imagine could be growing right on Bambi-Highway.

I hope that gives a little bit of perspective for those of you who would've liked to have been able to visit, but so far haven't been able to.


  1. A hearty good job to the snow removal team!
    We are having what dh calls spring squalls now, but the forcasters see 6 in. of snow for the mountains just in time for me to go babysit 50 miles away. yipee :(

  2. Oh, this snow was nothing. Since solstice, we've only had a couple of inches at a time. Well, except once when it was about 6". But that was just once. Nothing like the work in December. I mean, look at the biggest pile of snow I caught in those pictures -- it's only about 3' high. Nothing like when the piles were 6' high, and we had to move them over, a few feet further from the driveway, so that we could start a new 6' pile...

    I tell ya, this winter I was so thankful for the men who run the snowplows, and often thought of their long nights to keep the roads clean for us, and their wives at home alone. I suppose you can't get your hubby to lead you to the grandkids??? That would probably be improper use of county equipment, eh?