Sunday, February 01, 2009


It's funny when you're missing home and yet glad to be where you are.

The kitties must be suffering terribly with our being out of town. You know Rosie ate up all Athena's food right away.

I hate missing church at home on Sunday, even when we're at a good place.

Gus's baptism is today. We're missing the party -- boo hoo! We'll have to figure out another time to go meet him.

Aaron posted the same quote on his blog that Gary and I absolutely loved.

We came to Mankato to see Paul and friends in the school musical. (With it being a very quick trip and with wanting to go to church with Paul, we missed out on the opportunity to see nearby friends.) The weather is warm, the day was sunny, the snowman-building was fun to watch, and the play was quite funny.

Going to have to go on a detox diet tomorrow and Tuesday. Fast food for breakfast and supper yesterday. Hotel continental breakfast today. Fast food later today for lunch. I do love those Junior Whoppers! But too many of those meals in a row will get to me. I did bring an iron skillet and picnic supplies so that we could eat oranges, fry eggs and real ham, and toast homemade bread for a big dinner in the dorm lounge on Saturday afternoon. Sure smelled good in there!

For Paul's first time on the stage, I was impressed. He was part of the chorus and had no lines of his own. But you could see that he was comfortable there, and he had a really good stage presence.

Time to go pack up the hotel room and get to church....


  1. Hey, Susan! I've been in Ft. Wayne this weekend...I put some kisses on a certain baby girl for you this morning at the Horn's church. You're welcome! :)

  2. Oh...and could you share your detox diet with me, maybe via e-mail? I sure need it after MY diet this weekend!

  3. Now wait a minute, Melody . . . we had Lora's chicken/vegie bake & Jane's and Laurie's homemade bread & someone's salad (sorry, not sure who made that) & Jenny's homemade granola & yogurt and pesto and your farm-fresh eggs and sausage. And yes, I know we had some chocolate, but that dark stuff is good for you, right? And some of the chocolate had raisins inside of it!

    I'd say we ate pretty well. Granted, maybe a bit more than we normally do. :-) But very, very well. I'd argue we need a little more time on the treadmill, not detoxification.

  4. Melody, there's no particular detox diet after a weekend like mine. Just stuff like legumes, fresh fruit, LOTS of water, low (or non-existent) on the fat/meat items, way too many servings of veggies (with no cream sauce or dressing), etc.

  5. But Cheryl, did you count all the fat in those foods? Sure, we need good, solid (no pun intended) fat, but we had more than our share for the week this weekend! I am going to be disappointed at Weight Watchers' tonight. So I will be working out, yes, but also munching those veggies and drinking water. This week will be better...

  6. This is how far behind on blogs I am. I was reading above posts and was about to mention that you were in town and didn't come over, when I scroll down to read that it was a quick trip. Funny, we were at Mankato for the baptismal luncheon on Sunday around noonish, so close, yet so far.