Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sad Kitties

Katie is getting more sleep. Long before she was born, Alia liked to be up and going and active and busy from bedtime to the middle of the night. Alia is beginning to learn that she is supposed to sleep at night and be awake during the day. This means that Alia's mommy gets to sleep a whole lot more. This is good for Alia's mommy.

Snow tally so far:
8" on December 1
3" worth of shoveling drifts on December 2
6" on December 3
3" on December 6
4" on December 9
2" worth of shoveling drifts on December 10

What does the 2' of snow mean? Well, for one, it means I'm tired. I'm really really tired, and I'm watching too much tv and blogging too much because we come in from the shoveling reading to crash.

But for another, 2' of snow means sad kitties. No bon-bons to hunt. No place to go potty. No warm spot to lie in a sunbeam. Good grief, your little paws can't even reach the ground -- the snow is too deep.

So the kitties are inside. Cranky and trapped. Rosie (the young one) is stir-crazy and wanting to chase string, attack the kitty-in-the-mirror, and run run run. Apparently she discovered sources of water outdoors because now that she's stuck inside she is back to her old ways of begging persistently for water faucets to be turned on for fresh water. Athena (the old cat) is hungry (no bon-bons) and growly and altogether perturbed. With indoor kitties we have to be cleaning the litter box and we have to be feeding them more kibble.

BUT I found the silver lining! When kitties are stuck indoors 24/7, they cannot go out at night. And come in at night. And go out at night. And come in at night. Man oh man, I'm getting some good solid sleep, with no beggar pawing gently at my face, "Hey, open the door, I need to find a snack rid you of mammalian pests."

I know it's not the same as the rest Katie is rejoicing to have, but I am sharing her relief in a small way.

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  1. Do you remember what horrible neighbors your parents were? They scooped out a path from their front porch to the neighbors, so the cat could "go" under the neighbors front porch? At the time I didn't think any thing wrong with that. Toaday, I think that was AWFUL of me!