Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Roof Raking

Up on the housetop Grandpa paused,
not with hammer, wrench, or saws,
but with a rake to move the snow.
He wants to make the ice-dams GO.

Down on the ground Grandma sees him.
She groans, "There he goes again!
I sure wish he would not do that.
What if he falls and goes kersplat?"

So here ya go, Mom. Here is a picture of my roof rake. It's aluminum, so it's lightweight enough to wield way up there. And amazingly enough, you use it while standing on the ground.

PS: Note what's up above the roof. A sky. A sky that is BLUE. And notice the shadows of the tree and me and my roof-rake. That means there was sun for a while today!


  1. And yesterday it was 48 degrees here... but no sun, not really.

  2. I think I now have something to put on my Christmas wish list - the first thing! That valley over the family room has been a thorn in my flesh for years. I CANNOT let Dad get up there with his hand-made scoop that weighs a ton! I will go to the big box store to get it for myself and let him call it my Christmas present.