Sunday, December 14, 2008

Narrow Skirts

Those pencil-skirts are supposed to show off curves. Gary likes it when I try on narrow skirts; he thinks they look nice on me.

I like full skirts. I like the way they look on me and on other people. But there's more: a woman can actually move in a fuller skirt.

Today I wore a red plaid jumper that's very cute ... but the skirt is relatively narrow. I kept finding myself stuck. I was putzing at one end of the kitchen counter, and tried to take one step over to the sink to drop something there, and my skirt constrained me. I was trying to walk very fast (that is, taking extra long strides) on my way from the ER parking lot into the hospital today, and my skirt constrained me. Getting into the car was easy enough on the passenger side, but hard on the driver's side.

Of course, Gary's ever-helpful suggestion is that my narrow skirts need to be shortened. If the hemline is up above my knees, the skirt wouldn't interfere when I need to take big steps.

Ain't he helpful?


  1. OK, first of all...why were you at the ER?
    Secondly, my physical therapist once told me NOT to take large strides, that they aggravate my SI, which is aggravated enough. Not sure if that's a problem for you, but it IS for me!

  2. ER trip is in the next post.

    Melody, I'm blanked out on what SI is. I remember figuring out the abbreviation recently when I saw it on Loopers, but I've forgotten again.

    But even if I'm not normally taking large strides, I still want to be able to stretch toward the sink to put down the dirty silverware without having to walk both feet over there. Or be able to get into the car without having to hike my skirt above my knees. I want to be able to sit "Indian style" on the floor when I'm wearing a skirt, and that means the skirt has to be plenty full!

  3. Congratulations! Your husband is...



  4. Exactly what I was thinking! ;o)

  5. I'm with you, Susan. I love full skirts, not only for how they feel and function but for how they look. Much easier for getting in and out of a Eurovan, too!

  6. Interesting..! Well, I love to wear full skirts. Last weekend, got a beautiful full skirt from Old Navy.