Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Choosing the Choir Director

Back at our previous home, I was missing being in choir. There wasn't a choir at church, and it had been many, many years since I'd been able to sing in a group. I considered joining Sweet Adelines. Eventually, though, I gave up on the idea because of time commitment, dues, and not knowing what we'd sing and whether I'd be okay with it.

Now that I'm in choir again, I'm realizing how important that is. The pieces for choir get stuck in my head. My son goes around the house, singing his bass line. Maggie (who isn't even in choir) has learned the soprano and bass lines for some of our songs for Lessons and Carols, just because she hears them so often. Good grief, I even dream my choir music.

And think about when teens are in a musical at school. How many decades does that music stick with them?

If music has the power to stay in my head that long, and fill my mind so pervasively, I guess I'd better only be in choirs where I know I can depend on the director to give me music that I'm okay LIVING WITH.


  1. I know a choir director (tall, talented, and quite classy) that will have you sing good stuff. You and me might be the only people left that likes what he picks, though. :)

  2. If you have the time you should give Sweet Adeline's a try. I'm so glad I did and now Lorna has joined with me.

    It's not a religious group so there shouldn't be anything you feel uncomfortable singing. Most of the songs our chapter are doing are wholesome older songs.

    As for the dues there are ways around them in many chapters. I know there is no way we could have afforded all the costs for me let alone for Lorna.

  3. I do have choir at church now that we've moved. I don't even know where the Sweet Adelines are around here. But where we lived before, it was 1/2-hour drive east or west to get to the nearest chapters, and I just didn't want to do it badly enough to take a whole evening away from the family. And then I saw the newspaper advertisement for one of the shows, and I was so glad I hadn't joined that group! It's good to hear that some of the chapters do mostly the good old standards.

  4. LOL..I still get the song from our 3rd or 4th grade Spring Program stuck in my head...

    What do you do, on a rainy day, in an ark...dah dah dah...we'd play volleyball but we don't have a net so what do you do,on a rainy day, in an ark?

    (my best friend liked that line because her sister's name was Annette)

    Then there is "It's Cool in the Furnace" yeah, you're right, I think I'm going to go sue my old grade school now for cruel and unusual punishment