Monday, December 15, 2008

I Did It

It took two hours of procrastinating, but I did it.
I kicked myself out of the house to go on my exercise-walk.

Yes, it's wickedly cold out there.
Yes, it's windy.
No, I did NOT want to go out.
Yes, I did bundle up in multiple layers, with the only exposed skin being my eyelids. (So much for any vitamin D benefits.)
No, I do not want to know what the neighbors thought when they occasionally saw me walking backwards down the street so that I could hide my face temporarily from the rush of icy wind. (My poor little face was covered with only two layers of clothing, and neither of them wool.)

But there was SUN, glorious sun, streaming into my eyeballs. And with my lack of exercise-walks over the past week (too exhausted and achy from snow-shoveling) and with what the lack of sunshine has been doing to me, I figure I HAVE to go out, no matter how cold, if my sun-god* is making an appearance today.

I wish I could get myself moving out the door without two hours of trying to talk myself into it. I know I need it. I know what the consequences are when I avoid the outdoor exercise and am shorted on sunshine. But right now, I'm just pleased as punch that I actually DID IT today.

Shall I aim for tomorrow and make it two days in a row?

* footnote -- As Luther says in the Large Catechism, a god is whatever we cannot live without, the thing we look to for comfort and help.


  1. You're a stronger woman than I am! I'm avoiding any exposure to this weather as much as possible. Grocery shopping has even been pushed back another day, forcing me to eat lentils for breakfast this morning.

  2. But you have an escape-hatch coming up pretty soon. I've got to stay here and bear this weather.

    What's so bad about lentils for breakfast anyway?

  3. Hooray for your success! I'm diligently exercising, but indoors. That's hard enough for me. :-)

  4. Bravo, Susan! You've blazed a trail for the rest of us. :)

  5. Day #2. It took me only 1/2 hour to throw myself out of the house today. Better! But it was easier today, because it was so much warmer. Well, the mercury says it's colder, but with no wind it is significantly more comfortable out there!

  6. I am duly impressed. I can barely drag myself into my car to go to Curves to exercise (where it's heated!) when it's so cold!