Tuesday, November 11, 2008


For those of you loved ones who enjoy Twilight and Buffy, would you pleeeease at least do me the kindness of clicking on the link to what Pr Petersen has to say about Leviticus and vampires and crucifixes? (Rest assured: if you know Pr Petersen, he is NOT going to say anything to discourage you from reading the books.) It'll just make this middle-aged woman feel better to know that Anthea and Rachel and others will spend the two minutes absorbing what Pastor says, alongside their enjoyment of the brain-fluff about vampires.


  1. Thanks for the links. My girls have been talking about others who have read that series but I haven't looked into those books at all.

  2. Thanks! I forwarded it to Lynea. Now Hanna has read the first one, so I forwarded it to her as well. I don't get the fascination with them, but Lynea says they are good read for fun. I remember watching Dark Shadows as a teen, so I guess it is in the same vain...History repeating itself for a new generation! Love the baby pics! She sure is cute!


  3. Laurie, it's my eldest that loves these things. And my eldest that got several of her siblings started on Buffy.

    Debbie, I didn't even like Dark Shadows. It creeped me out. So I have a hard time understanding why the kids see anything in these stories.

  4. It was a creepy show, but I guess my thoughts at the time were that it was so creepy that it had some fascination. KWIM? I do remember my mom did not like me to watch it, but she did not make me turn it off. I have always "protected" my girls when it came to reading teen junk. They are aware of the dangers. Lynea has assured me these are Ok, and that Hanna would be alright in reading them. I guess I should get off my lazy rear-end and read them myself, but when there are so many better books to read, Why should I? ;-)

  5. Debbie, I think I'm going on the theory that the kids get bigger and have to start making their own decisions. So do you spoze we can pass off laziness as "entrusting the kids to monitor their own reading and make their own decisions in preparation for when we can't control them anymore"?

    When I don't want to bother finding out what's going on with books/movies for the youngest two, I just ban them with no real reason why. Not that that happens very often. Somehow, with the older kids, I felt more obligated to let them read as many things as possible, if they so desired, and I'd put more work into finding out which few items needed banning or censoring. Now I just say that it won't kill the kids to miss a movie or book.