Friday, November 14, 2008

People Will Talk

Cary Grant played a doctor in the movie People Will Talk. It's a movie with a hint of mystery and a little romance and quite a few laughs. Old enough to be very decent and wholesome, but not goody-two-shoes.

I can't remember who recommended this (probably Barbara or Erin) but I'm glad she did. Gary watched it while I was visiting in Indiana. When he watched it with me, he enjoyed it as much the second time through even though he knew the spoilers. That's the sign of a well-made movie!


  1. Sorry, it wasn't me, because I didn't know about that one. But I'm tickled to have a Cary Grant movie to put on my list of movies to request from interlibrary loan---thanks!

  2. Must've been Erin, then, because we were talking yesterday, and she mentioned what a great movie it was and how much they'd enjoyed it. Given the recommendations we've gotten from you, Barbara, I'm sure you'll love this one!

    There isan unwed mother in a situation integral to the story. But we find out after-the-fact, and how she got into the predicament is handled rather clinically, and it's definitely clear that it's not an okay position for a young woman to find herself in. Definitely "cleaner" and more wholesomely handled than most commercials on tv these days! But I just thought I'd mention it, in case anybody might be watching it with very young children that don't need even that little exposure to that kind of sin. And yet... the grace in the story ... ah, I better hush.