Saturday, November 15, 2008

HIGH Heels

Gary's socks were full of holes, so we went shopping Friday night to get a couple of exciting items. While in Penneys, we noticed that some jeans were on sale. Now, it just so happens that my hand-me-downs from my sister (which fit well when I'd lost so much weight from stress last year) are getting a little too snug again. That leaves me with two pairs of jeans that fit, one of which is beginning to get worn-out spots. No holes yet, but they aren't far off. I didn't figure there'd be ultra-talls in the store -- those are usually available just in the catalog.

But now, with all those girls out there wearing unbelievably high heels, ...
hee hee hee ...
the clothing manufacturers are making the jeans LONGER.
Yee haw! I found a pair of jeans, mega on-sale. Now I can wash two of my jeans at a time, instead of washing one pair while I'm wearing the other. This is cool!


  1. This is what makes me think Karen could get by on a regular dress for her wedding. EVERYTHING is made to wear with high heels. I bought some Worthington pants I need to shorten.

  2. That's great! I'll have to remember that.