Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh, Mr Sun

We had a moment (less than a minute) of sunshine yesterday morning. I was so excited to see a SHADOW on the table during Bible class! Today there have been several moments where the cloud-cover thinned out enough that you could see something reminiscent of a SUNBEAM. The last two days may be almost-no-sun, but it's a big improvement over the previous days. I remember seeing SUN a week ago, Thursday, in Fort Wayne.

The germies are making the rounds at Gary's work. He's not sick yet, and thus hasn't spread it to us, but we can feel the tiredness from fighting off the little boogers.

I am trying to catch up on the housecleaning, laundry, and bread-baking after being gone.

Throw those things together with lack of sun and the many hours of driving last weekend, and I feel like one of those old folks who is wanting to turn in for the night in the early evening. "No, no," she screams in panic, "but I don't wanna stay awake until 9:00."

Right now, I'm skeptical of whether I can stay awake until 5:00....
We'll wait until next week to get back into the routine of math lessons.


  1. Matt talked a bit with the doctors in pediatric neurology last week about vitamin D3 and SAD. They suggest 800mg each day for adults- and a regular multivitamin will usually have 400mg of D in a dose.

    They also said that it doesn't help everyone, but that it can work for some people.

    I'm gonna try it, probably starting in another week or so.

  2. We have sun in Greenfield. We were out and about today, I just wore a sweater and I needed my sunglasses. Maybe you should bring your laundry over and come for a visit???

    Laura....who is really not doing much of anything except playing with Ben and crying. (Well, that would certainly help to lighten your spirits.) :) I am glad we have the play this weekend...but I cry when I am happy, too. Oy!

  3. Sunglasses?!?!?! Okay, we had more than a minute (less than two) where a person might've needed sunglasses. But mostly it's been varying depths of cloudy -- some of the cloudiness light enough that you could see sun behind the clouds.

    I'm sorry for the tears and the loss. I can certainly understand. I cry over nearly every one of your blogposts these days.

    And Rachel, I put D3 in the shopping list.