Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Problem with Babies

When my kids were born it seemed like I just couldn't get anything done. I consoled myself that it was normal. After all, a woman goes through childbirth which is a pretty significant experience. And then she's making milk (moo!) and recuperating, while she's changing diapers and doing extra laundry and sunning the baby and all the extra duties associated with new mommyhood. I thought that's why I couldn't get anything done.

But now I know better.

Now I'm the grandma, and I didn't go through childbirth last week, and I'm not making milk, and I still can't get anything done with a new baby around.

The problem is that they are just SO cute that you can't hardly do anything but sit there and gaze upon their cuteness. Oh, isn't she cute when she's asleep? Oh, isn't it wonderful to make lovey-dovey eyes at her? Oh, isn't it adorable when she's looking at everything and taking it in?

Good grief? Who has time to do anything else when the enchantress is enchanting?

So all you new mommies out there,
I've just handed you one doozy of an excuse to ignore the housework ...


  1. I'll come help stare at the baby!
    Pick me, pick me!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a hard time getting anything done with a new baby. I try to remember that housework will always be there, but babies change everyday, and I want to make sure I enjoy this time with her before she's all grown up! Thank you for the excuse. I'll be sure to use it!

  3. You are SOOO right!

    There are several new babies in our church and I sit through most of the service staring at them too!

  4. Jeff, he vacuumed. He fed the cats. He changed the sheets. He even changed a dirty diaper or three, and EVEN managed not to throw up when he was thrown-up upon. He's doing okay.

  5. Maybe "cuteness" is really actually "keep mommy in bed and resting-ness so she doesn't get mastitis-ness."