Monday, November 03, 2008

Alia Napping

Sorry to load up the blog with pictures, but Mom & Maggie don't do so well with downloading photos on the dial-up. The blog is easier for them to get the pictures. So the pictures abound.

Those little hands by the face, squirming, and holding her cheeks, and rubbing her nose and ears. Her arms are long enough that Alia (unlike any of my kids) can reach her arms up and have her hands touch above her head.


  1. Congratulations! Alia is beautiful. Your husband proudly showed off pictures of her yesterday at church, like any good grandpa would!
    -Meghan Schultz

  2. Post away! Some of us mommies can never get enough baby pictures. . .

  3. Why on earth would you apologize for putting up so many pics of a beautiful baby we're all so very, very interested in seeing more of? =)

  4. welcome welcome to the beautiful crazy world of grandparent! (another one of God's great blessings!)
    i'm so happy things turned out well!
    so many exclaimations!
    kiss that sweet little one for me!