Monday, November 03, 2008

Indiana 2

Driving through the country is a lovely, luscious, restful thing!

My plan on Friday was to drop off Maggie with my folks, having met south of the Chicago-metro area, and then head northwest to Valpo, entirely skirting the metro area by driving on Indiana 2. It was BEAUTIFUL! Fields and combines and even old old tractors hauling obsolete hay-rakes. Elevators dotting the landscape. (Why is it that it's so comforting to see fields upon fields, with the elevators popping up on the horizon periodically?) The trees were still changing, so the colors added to the scenery.

And then the detour which sent me back north to the metro area, and the construction zone on the detour, full of Friday afternoon Chicago drivers. Boy, that can suck the joy right out of the drive!

But now that I'm here, wasting oodles of time just watching Alia be cute (oh, so cute!) instead of working on my editing, the stress of driving through busy areas has faded, and I'm again able to remember the gorgeous part of my drive across county roads and state roads in Illinois and Indiana. Y'know, one of those people who wrote songs like "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" should write a song about elevators.


  1. I absolutely LOVE driving through the country! It is my favorite way to go. It makes me feel all calm and peaceful.

  2. How do you know you're in Flyover Country?

    The grain elevators are taller than the water towers.