Saturday, November 01, 2008

Power Shower

When we moved to Sharon, we were very aware that there was no water pressure. It was terrible to take a shower. It took forever to fill the dishpan in the sink. When we mentioned it to the trustees, they told us that we didn't know what we were talking about -- this is just the way it is with a well.

But the parsonage we'd lived in before had a well. My grandparents' homes had wells. The house we live in now has a well. Eventually it was discovered that the pressure tank for the water was bad, and that's why we had no water pressure. When that was repaired, things improved tremendously.

But today, taking a shower at Katie & Nathan's apartment, oh, yowsa!, this is AWESOME water pressure. Come to think of it, I love the water pressure when I shower at my folks' house. And hotels... We love to spend way too much time in the shower at a hotel. That water beats down on your neck with some force, and it's like a massage. Way better than the shower at home (even though the one at home is just fine).

So this is what the trustees were talking about, way back when, when they told us that "this is just how it is when you're not on city water." If we'd just been whining at the time, they would've been right. A well cannot have the oomph that city water has.

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  1. Hope your visit is going well there. You must be so excited to see your little granddaughter. :) Also to see your daughter being a mommy.