Monday, October 27, 2008


Hooray, hooray! The vent over the stove was installed today. I took a picture, but I'm already way behind on blogging about Stuff, and I honestly don't have the energy to upload pictures. It is LOVELY to have a light over the stove-top again after 8 months without -- well, except for the problem of seeing all the grease-mess on the top of the stove. (No, no, no! I did NOT say that! Seeing the grease-mess is GOOD because it means I can also see what's in the frying pan. Right?)

The main point, however, of the vent was to draw the wet air and steam out of the house. I had enough mildew at the last house. In this house, I want the vents in top-notch operating condition! So today I'm making gumbo, and forgot for the first half-hour that I could use the vent. When I turned it on, oh!, it was a beautiful sight to behold those curls of steam being drawn up into the vent and booted outta the house!

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