Monday, October 27, 2008


Another item I should have a picture of, and don't.

The deck is done. The boards have all been turned over, sanded, sealed, and reattached. It's been a huge job, but it's done for the winter. Granted, there's still no fence around the edge, so Gary still has some work to do next spring. We also have to deal with some topsoil and landscaping where the pool used to be. But for the next four or five months, all work on the deck has come to a halt. Gary finished re-attaching the final boards Sunday afternoon, with flurries blowing in his face. But the deck is now safe to walk on. (No more worries about a Bugs Bunny type of incident, where you unwittingly step on the end of an unattached board, and have it flip up and bop ya in the nose.) No more humongo splinters in the deck.

What will we do with all Gary's spare time, time that he has been spending on the deck? Might we talk to each other? Might we do things together as a family? What an enticing concept!! I am SO looking forward to seeing him again!

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