Saturday, October 25, 2008

Trick or Treat

Tonight was the assigned date for trick-or-treating in our township. This is our first time having trick-or-treaters since 1988. At our last home, the neighbors weren't interested in trick-or-treating; they were of the four-footed variety and said "moo" and "baaa" instead of "Trick or Treat!" At the parsonage before that, we enjoyed trick-or-treating for the first two years, but for the next two years the congregation had a "fall festival party" that was arranged to interfere with treat-or-treat hours.

This was a NICE batch of trick-or-treaters! We had 23 kids come by. Parents tagged along, not too close, but at a safe distance away. Except for a couple of younger siblings out with the crew, all the kids were about age 4-11, and they all bothered to dress up in costume. That made for a pleasant time passin' out the candy.

And I over-estimated how many trick-or-treaters, so darn it!, there are Snickers left over that we will have to eat so as not to let them go to waste.


  1. Ya know, somehow I *always* manage to overestimate how much candy we'll need. (And of course I hold the chocolate back to give away last. :) )

  2. Well, if you need help eating those leftovers, you have a chocolate-craving daughter who'll be at church tomorrow morning...

    And I have the passes in my purse, so as to not forget them. HSM3 really was quite enjoyable!

  3. This might be a silly question but why would you have an assigned day for trick-or-treating? Isn't it supposed to be on the 31st? I've never heard of this before and it struck me as odd.

  4. I think the assigned hours is to combat the whole idea of going trick-or-treating the night before Halloween, or kids being out at 10pm. There's a limited number of hours, which makes it easier for people passing out candy. This was a foreign idea to me when we moved to Wisconsin; it wasn't like this in Illinois or Missouri. But where we lived before, trick-or-treat hours were on the 31st for our village, no matter which day of the week it fell upon. Up here in the metro-area, it's always on the weekend. Our township was Saturday evening, the neighboring small village was Sunday evening, and the small city with church & library has trick-or-treat next Saturday. Why? Beats me.

  5. We live out in the country and no one came to our house to trick or treat. I was so sad after living in the city to no have anyone stop by. However, I DID NOT enjoy dragging Ben around to every member's house that had mentioned to stop by because they had something special for him. We would drive around forever.

    Our church started trick or trunk a few years ago. It is wonderful. We all park in a big circle in the field and all the kids can just walk around the circle to visit people they know and trust. The community is invited, and there are many that come. It was last night, and the reformation service followed. I did not have a stitch of candy left. It was lovely! We had a meal that everyone can enjoy for free. It is a nice evening!