Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's Goals

Ditch school. Mow the yard which hasn't been touched in about 4 weeks. Make sure children have winter clothes (of the correct size, even) out of storage and in their closets. Go shopping (which I've put off for more than two weeks now -- the list is getting long and the pantry is getting empty in selective places). Clean the house. Finish my first pass through on editing Mark.

One out of six accomplished.

And no, surprisingly "ditch school" was NOT the one we got right.

We did get the winter clothes out. Hooray -- children will not turn blue and get frostbite indoors. (I also gave up on the cold today and turned on the furnace.)

Some cleaning was done. Most of the mowing was done. And a little schoolwork was thrown in too. Shopping postponed. And I still have hopes of finishing that last lesson in the book so that I can begin making changes and corrections to the computer file.

Maybe by tomorrow night I will have made a dent in most (???) of today's list. Let's not even think about what happens to tomorrow's list. Shhhhhh!

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