Thursday, October 23, 2008

Indoor Light

As some of us talked last night about winter, and the dark, and the cold, Sherry mentioned something she stumbled upon by accident. She said she put candles in her windows one December, and had to take the screens off to do it. She noticed that doing so let in a lot more light.

We were thinking the window screens in the bedrooms would be removed during winter because of naughty kitties scratching at windows. But now I'm thinking that maybe some other screens might need to take a hiatus in the basement.

Oh, Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun,
please shine down on me!


  1. We've got HUGE windows - very good. The downstairs windows are a full 6 ft tall!

    We've got huge (drafty) windows with not a single storm window in good shape and several windows with no storms at all - very bad.

    All winter I'm struggling between having light, or being able to feel the breeze four feet away from the windows... even thin curtains help keep the room warmer!

  2. That's why I take off the north family room screens in winter. I would do more if they were as easy to remove as the ones in the FR. (And they don't get so grimey stored inside as they do outdoors.)

  3. We always remove our screens as soon as possible. Mine have been off for several weeks already, even though we are open-window people. I don't mind a few flies -- I can't stand looking thru tiny squares.