Friday, August 08, 2008

Glasses to Grab

A couple of years ago, I walked into Woodman's to find glasses in one of the carts near the entrance, the carts where over-ripe bananas live, and where the second-day bakery is begging to be taken home, and where the Easter candy lives on Easter Monday. The pint-sized glasses can take hot or cold liquids, and were being sold for only a dollar. We were short of glasses, and these were thick and heavy and nice. They could even tolerate holding some hot cider for us in fall. The only thing I ever regretted about that purchase was that I bought only 8.

This week I was checking out of the liquor store at Woodman's, and they had low-ball glasses in a cart by the check-out lane. Only 50 cents each. The only small glasses we have are
a) Tupperware,
b) jelly jars, or
c) mugs that came with the dishes.
These were real glasses, so I nabbed 6. They are such a nice size, and feel so comfortable in your hand. We've owned them for a whole three days now, and usually I can't get one out of the cupboard because they've already been used by other people and are sitting with the dirty dishes. Here I was, Tuesday, worried about wasting $3, and now I'm sitting here with no regret except the one I had over the pint glasses: I should've bought more. It's amazing how such a little thing can brighten things up.

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