Thursday, August 07, 2008

"100" -- Roadside

38. There are lots of different fleabanes, but since I love daisies so much, the DAISY FLEABANE is one of my favorites. Fleabane looks quite similar to the asters, but the fleabane is smaller (flowers are usually littler than a dime) and bloom in late summer, as opposed to the asters which will bloom in fall.

39. BLADDER CAMPION is a white wildflower. They have a "balloon" out of which 5 white petals spread. The rounder "balloons" are the female flowers and the skinnier, darker ones are the male flowers.

40. I used to love the blue morning glory flowers as a child. When I started noticing white "morning glory" crawling along the side of country roads, or climbing other plants, I thought it was pretty. Then I found out it's BINDWEED and a pest because of how badly it gets tangled into things

41. Mints are easily identified by the stems and the leaves. Mint leaves come in pairs, right smack across from each other, and each pair is 90° criss-crossed from the pairs above and below it. Mint stems are square, so square that you can easily feel the sides of the square with your fingers. BERGAMOT has a smell reminiscent of the bergamot orange which is what flavors Earl Gray tea.

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