Sunday, August 03, 2008

Forgetting Butter

Forgetting has been the problem of late.

I put in a load of laundry, turn on the machine, and discover that I forgot the detergent. I discover this when I open the machine hours later (because, after all, earlier I forgot that I was doing laundry at all) and discover clothes that don't smell at all clean.

Earlier this week, I took off in the car for the emissions test (necessary to renew the license plate) and forgot the paperwork. Later that day, we headed off to the beach without the beach pass to get in, and no money for the entrance fee.

On Thursday night, I was finishing thawing some meat in the microwave. (I had remembered to take it out of the freezer in plenty of time. Really, I had. But for some reason it didn't thaw in a timely way. Go figure.) I couldn't figure out why the meatloaves were so small if I was making 6# of hamburger into meatloaf. Discovered the next morning that over 2# of hamburger had spent the night in the microwave. I'd forgotten to take it out and add it to the dinner when it was done thawing.

I often forget to turn on the stove/oven to heat something. More frequently, when it's done I forget to turn off the oven. Last night, making pies, I took the first one out and [ah ha!] remembered to turn the oven off. Trouble was, there was still a pie in the oven, and another that needed to go in. I wonder how a 200° oven will effect a pie crust?

Yesterday, I found over-ripe bananas at the store for el-cheapo. Woo hoo! Banana cookies tantalizing me...! So I come home, start to throw them together, and discover there isn't enough butter in the fridge. Okay, I'll get some out of the freezer and nuke them. I poured half the melted butter off into the recipe, put the bowl back into the microwave, and proceeded to add the rest of the ingredients to the cookie dough while the rest of the butter finished melting. And then [surprise!] forgot the rest of the butter. Later somebody found a bowl of melted butter in the microwave.

Well, there's one thing I've learned from that. I used to think I liked shrimp and lobster and crab legs. You know what? They're quite okay. But what I actually like is the butter you dunk them in!!!


  1. Thank you so much for this post, Susan. I can completely relate, and your sharing your own experience makes me feel like I'm in very good company!

  2. Hey one good thing is... you remembered to post about all the things you forgot! Or did you forget one?

  3. Me too! Even though I dropped dd#2 at a theatre function today and was supposed to pick her up 2 hours later, I completely forgot..even that she was there. I had looked for her in her bedroom and she wasn't there, so I assumed she was napping in someone else's bed! Good thing for cell phones and that it was only 5 minutes away.

    More than once, I have filled the crock pot with meat and hours later have wondered why I cannot smell it yet..and still hours later have discovered I have not turned it on..or have turned it on and not plugged it in.

    I thought it was only me!

  4. Cassie, I posted. Then later realized I had forgotten some things, and went back and added another paragraph or two. I'm sure there's plenty else that I forgot to mention that I'd forgotten to do. But I've forgotten. :-)

  5. Lauri, a certain 18-yr-old around here loves to remind us that he was forgotten someplace, not once, but twice. Poor poor middle-child! Yesterday I tried to convince him that it was his popularity that caused him to be left behind. After all, both times I had assumed he had left the event in another car, and discovered as we were pulling out of the parking lot that he was actually dawdling in leaving, and not ahead of us as we'd thought. But he ain't gonna buy it; he's sticking to his claim that we forgot him!

  6. I forgot my turkey sausage in the microwave the other morning. Found it when I went to make dinner... thought of you :)