Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Processional Cross

I was in Stemper's consignment room last week. I always check when I go in ... just in case. So in case anybody's interested:

There's a gorgeous processional cross. The corpus is about 7-8" high. The cross itself is probably about 20". The pole and stand are a nice medium-dark wood. (I'd guess maple, but I'm not good with knowing wood grains.) Stand is sturdy. I've seen things on consignment there that are chipped or cracked, in less than stellar condition. This is in very good shape; it's the nicest thing I've ever seen in the consignment room. It's not big enough for a large church building, but would be very nice for a chapel or maybe for a church that seats 100-140. I don't have the code number of the item, but if you contact Stempers or drop by for a look, it came to them in July 07 and is priced at $450.

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  1. A college friend and I used to wander thru Stempers now and again. Neat place. I have a lovely hammered iron cross hanging on my wall that was a wedding gift to us from that consignment room.