Saturday, November 01, 2014

Your Daughter-in-Law?

Katie came to the bank today with the kids.  The girls accepted stickers and colored.  Matthias crawled around, causing Alia to worry that he would get into the garbage or something.  Our newest employee did Katie's transactions while I flirted with the grandkids. 

After my family left, the new teller asked, "So, that was your daughter-in-law?" 

No.  She's my daughter. 

It happens over and over.  When there's a substitute or a new employee, upon meeting Katie, they always assume she is my daughter-in-law, and they seem surprised that she's my daughter.

A) Different last names seems to me to indicate she had my last-name, but no longer does.  But divorce is rampant, and some women don't take their husbands names anyhow.  Still, wouldn't it be nice if people could take it for granted that her different-last-name meant she was my daughter?

B)  Really -- why the pervasive assumption that Katie is married into the family instead of born in?  I don't get it.

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