Friday, November 07, 2014


Fun evening out tonight at the Cafe Bavaria.

A couple of weeks ago, Gary said he wanted to take us out this Friday evening to celebrate.  "Celebrate what?"  An anniversary.

Hmmm.  Not our wedding.  Not our kids' weddings.  Not our parents' weddings.

No birthdays either.
I was stymied.

He finally asked, "What happened six months ago?"  He said it was time to celebrate.

Andrew and Olivia and Maggie and Gary and I went out for a fabulous-tasting dinner, visiting, and lots of laughs.  (And a little post-election cheering.) I got my first look at their very cute apartment!  It was one of those evenings that you wish could happen more often (and are grateful for the gifts that made such a fun and extravagant evening possible).

And you know what else?

It's really really nice that my family wants to celebrate that I'm still here.  It makes a person feel all warm and fuzzy and loved!

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  1. Wow, six months. It's going to be one of those things that functions as sort of a landmark on the landscape of your life, a point from which other things are measured. Such-and-such was "B. A." (before aneurysm) while thus-and-so was "A. A." (after aneurysm). That we are able to talk about your life "A. A." is indeed worth celebrating. Glad you had such a lovely time!