Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Date It!

Going through files at church, thinning, weeding, sorting, and ordering, again I see the importance of dating paperwork. 

Invitations to conferences with dates and no years.  That makes it hard to sort chronologically.

Faded and yellowed papers.  Are they from the 1950's?  Or is the booklet from the 1990's but printed on cheap paper that aged too quickly?

Lovely to run across a stream of stuff that you'd luv-luv-luv to throw out, but it must be kept for certain reasons ... and find that at least you can put them in order because they're fully dated.

At home it's good to find an owner's manual with the date scribbled on the front of when we bought that mower or washer or stove ... especially when the years fly by and you could've sworn that the appliance was only three years old in spite of the written evidence proves the item is twelve years old.

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